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Nikhil Upreti & Anu Shah
Watch the New Nepali Modern Song Video Song “Timilai Khusi” by Pramod Kharel
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Timilai Khusi
Vocal: Pramod Kharel
Lyrics: Padam BC
Music: Hemanta Shishir
Model: Namarta/OB
Director: Saman AdhikariAfter spending long time in Mumbai, a Nepali Actor Nikhil Upreti again will be come back in Nepali Cinema from movie Bhairav. Nikhil himself is director of Bhairav. In order to know about the movie, Bhairav, we should watch this movie once but many producer still want to make movies taking Nikhil. Producer and Distributer Gopal Kayastha says, Stardam of Nikhil Uprety has not lessen yet. So in his upcoming movie Lutera, he is going to invest more money taking Nikhil Uprety. Bhairav full Nepali movie He says that he is sure that his movie will be hit if he takes Nikhil Uprety.Nikhil Uprety: Bhairav.Now Nikhil Uprety is working in his new movie Bhairav. To show himself a strong actor, he is doing hardwork. It is heard in the cinema Bazar that the comeback of Nikhil will be challenge for Aryan Sigdel and Jiwan Luitel. Lets see how he presents himself in his upcoming movie Bharav.This Friday, on August 28, two of the most awaited movies are releasing in theater. Actor Nikhil Upreti‘s comeback movie ‘Bhairav’ and the movie of the viral song, ‘Resham Filili’. These two movies are targeted to two different types of audience – one for action movie lovers and other for comedy movie lovers. Bhairav,Nepali Movie BHAIRAV,Nepali full Movie BHAIRAV, full nepali movie bhairav watch online hd, bhairav full nepali movie,nepali movie bhairav watch online,Bhairav full Nepali movie, nepali movie bhairav,Bhairav “भैरव” – Full Nepali Movie Nikhil Upreti




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