Lajja (2016) Telugu Full Movie Online Lajja (2016) Telugu Full Movie Online


Watch & Enjoy Lajja Telugu Full Movie featuring Madhumitha, Narasimha Nandi. Music composed by Sukku, Directed & produced by Narasimha Nandi. Suseela(Madhumita) is a simple house wife who leads a miserable life because of her strict husband. One fine day, she encounters a young guy named Saleem (Varun) and falls in love with him. As time passes by, she leaves her husband for good and runs away with Saleem and starts a new life. Twist in the tale arises when some untoward incident happens in Suseela’s life. What is that incident ? and what happens to her after she decides to start a new life That forms the rest of the story.
Lajja (2016)  Telugu Full Movie Online Lajja (2016)  Telugu Full Movie Online


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